I'm pretty annoyed at myself because of my slacking off at Japanese I was doing great up until a couple of weeks ago when I just stopped adding new material to anki and not keeping up my immersion environment I've still kept up with my reviews every day and still watching/listen to Japanese most day but other than that I've been very slack with my studys.

So I've decided starting today I will start my own 30 day challenge which i plan to add atleast 15 new sentences daily to anki no matter how lazy/tired/depressed I might be no more excuses just get it done aswell as increase my Japanese environment I will not be beat by my 'lazyness' NOT with Japanese.

I'm also going to try to post on my blog more often and keep up with the chatter with the fellow Japanese learners on twitter

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On 2009年2月18日 12:32 , Emilio Wuerges さんのコメント...

My French intercourse ended my slack with Japanese.
Katz advice of going for a 3rd language is quite good.
Now I'm slacking from French to read Japanese.