Recently I've been trying to find way to increase my productivity when it comes to mining sentences or mining words that I'm yet able to read. It's not always the most productive way to go around reading random Japanese text from what ever the source may be and then collecting sentences for the bits you don't know, if your like me you prefer to actually read what you can then later come back and mine what you don't understand although in practice this isn't always the case, as we forget/misplace the source of the material.

This spurred me on to find some software to record what I was interested in and wanted to mine but that also takes up very little time and allows me to get on with what I'm doing at the same time, less distractions is always a good thing especially when learning a language.

The software that I found that had all the features I wanted and more was Evernote basically its a piece of software that allows you to take notes either by manually writing a note into the software or selecting what it is your wanting to remember and clicking save, the great thing about it is you can quickly tag notes with "Japanese" for example and then you can easily go back and find all the notes you've taken with Japanese as the tag. It also has a huge range of features which include.

- Syncing across many platforms including the IPhone
- can be used directly in your browser by just selecting text and clicking the little applet in your bookmarks bar
- will save anything from entire web pages and single text and it doesn't save as an image it saves exactly how the page would be so you can select text from within the software excellent when getting round to mining the sentences
- Can take screen shot's of whatever your viewing great for when reading a Manga offline

- and much more!

Below I've created a quick video on how I often use Evernote to collect sentences/vocab for later mining, what I didn't record was the screen capture facility that takes a snapshot of your entire screen as a note great for when working with PDF's etc.

For the full size video click here

One other great thing I forgot to mention is that if you have an IPhone with the Evernote software installed you can take a picture of a sign say a Japanese one while your walking about, which then automatically syncs with your notes on your laptop, so you can quickly collect notes of signs that your yet able to read.

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On 2009年7月12日 15:10 , taihen さんのコメント...

Very good! Going to check it!