As many of you may know Anki (SRS) has recently been updated to include a timeboxing feature which i think is great, for those who don't know timeboxing is basically setting yourself an allocated amount of time i.e. 10 minutes and within this set time you do your reps, when you reach the end of the set time you stop and take a brake.

This can work wonders for efficiency and getting alot of reps done in a short amount of time probably the reason being is because you know you hav'nt got long and there's no "oh god this is going to take forever" which causes you to procrastinate and be distracted easily, your mind tends to work more efficiently and you get distracted much less when you brake it into smaller chunks.

So now that Anki has timeboxing built in you can set your 10 minutes or what ever you choose and hopefully be more efficient as the problem was before with me anyway is that i would set myself say 15-30 minutes to do reps and completly forget to check the time etc so ended up going way over, which is'nt exactly a bad thing if your in the right frame of mind.

So the next time your doing your daily reps try timeboxing to see if it improves your efficiency.

Stats Update.

The 515 seen cards in this deck contain:

  • 359 total unique kanji.
  • Jouyou: 352 of 1945 (18.1%).
  • Jinmeiyou: 2 of 287 (0.7%).
  • 5 non-jouyou kanji.
Card counts
Mature cards:
35 (6.80%)
Young cards:
480 (93.20%)
Unseen cards:
0 (0.00%)

Correct answers
Mature cards:
0.0% (0 of 0)
Young cards:
76.0% (2009 of 2643)
First-seen cards:
78.6% (485 of 617)

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Comments (3)

On 2009年1月8日 20:10 , Burritolingus さんのコメント...

I'm loving the latest Anki build. I wasn't sure how its timeboxing function would work, but I think its implementation is just about perfect. I'll set it to 10-15 minute segments and see how many cards I can go through each time, taking note of whether I did more, or less, or faster, or whatever. Ridiculously handy!

On 2009年1月9日 8:10 , Alyks さんのコメント...

Then there's not just that. You can time box 2min and try to see how many reps you can do. It becomes a game where you're trying to beat your old record.

Then there's always timeboxing throughout the day. I'll read a manga and timebox 5min every two chapters or something.

Reps don't need to be in one large chunk.

On 2009年1月9日 8:15 , Tibul さんのコメント...

I usually have 10 mins set if I'm wanting to clear the reps for that day, although if I don't have much time I'll set it lower.

I especially like the idea of 5 mins every few chapters will have to give it a try.