Well after doing Japanese 'properly' for almost 2 months now I finally see what other people were talking about that languages are not hard to learn I think there are 3 key ingredients to learning any language nothing to do with intelligence or being in the country of the language your trying to learn. It's more down to time spent, effort and motivation if your missing any of those you will not learn the language at any sort of reasonable pase even if your surrounded by the language and nobody speaks your native language you will still not obtaine any sort of fluency unless you put those 3 things into practice.

This can be proven easily by the amount of foreigners that live in Japan for many years and can hardly read 平仮名 and can barely say anything past こんに / お元気ですか etc they are missing atleast 1 of those things, if they have no motivation/interest they will not try to learn so there mind will just class what they see/hear as useless information no matter how much they are exposed to it.

Time spent is obviouse you can have all the motivation and effort in the world but if you only spend 1-2 hours a week its going to be a long time before you notice any improvement, you can pretty much gaurantee the person that spends 3-4 hours a day doing there chosen language will be much further ahead than the person doing 1-2 hours a week, this is often why classes dont work as some students will only do the language when they are in class (maybe a few hours a week) and don't spend time studying in there own time.

Last but not least 'effort' if you don't put the effort in e.g. keeping up with reviews, maintaining a language environment basicaly doing anything in your target language your not going to see much if any results, there's no excuse for "oh i fancy a brake from Japanese it'll be ok till tomorrow" that one day can easily turn into 2 days, 2 week, months and so on, you need to keep it up no matter what even if you just do your daily SRS reps even if your tired just do something in your target language keep putting the effort in.

Since i put these 3 things into action my Japanese has improved leaps and bounds compared to the years before when trying to learn, usually down to not putting in the effort daily (always taking that one little brake...), now that i put in daily effort I'm seeing huge improvements in less than 2 months.

So basically がんばって (do your best)

Stats update.

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Card counts
Mature cards:
64 (9.95%)
Young cards:
579 (90.05%)
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Correct answers
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100.0% (3 of 3)
Young cards:
79.1% (3067 of 3879)
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80.7% (601 of 745)

The 643 seen cards in this deck contain:

  • 466 total unique kanji.
  • Jouyou: 457 of 1945 (23.5%).
  • Jinmeiyou: 2 of 287 (0.7%).
  • 7 non-jouyou kanji.

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Comments (2)

On 2009年1月19日 5:36 , Alyks さんのコメント...

FYI, that's こんにちは.

On 2009年1月19日 8:27 , Tibul さんのコメント...

ah thanks for the correction never noticed.