I've been think for a while now that it would be a great idea to set up a blog mainly for me to track my progress in learning the Japanese language so i can look back from a year from now and see how far i have come and to also provide myself with that little bit of extra motivation when i can see i am better than i might have been a few month ago.

It's also a place for people to perhaps find any idea's that they may deem usefull in there studies or to provide help with my own.

Starting from now i'll be posting my progress with learning the Kanji using the Heisig method with Remembering the Kanji volume 1 and then onto the sentance method using an SRS whilst all the while trying to maintain some sort of Japanese environment in my daily life.


Currently on: 1860

Not far to go now untill i finish RTK at the current rate i should be done for the next weekend then its onto the sentance method while keeping up with the daily reviews on RTK

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