Well i've been on the sentence method now for just over a week and i'm really starting to gain momentum now especially with the help i've received from the people over at the RevTK forums answering many of my questions i had about how to choose the correct sort of sentences and to stop worrying that i find it difficult to remember some and that they will come in time.

A good example was a sentence with the word 図書館(library) its not exactly the most difficult word in the world to remember but when its in context and especially being comprised of 3 kanji it was very daunting but i perserviered and took the advice of collecting more sentences that use the word and try to have less new knowledge within the sentence other than the word i'm trying to learn and low an behold the word is now easy such is the power of an SRS.

As i mentioned i've been picking up pace with the sentences i started with only a few a day erlie last week but i've now pushed this up to over 20 sentences a day with the odd vocab card mixed in as glowingfaceman had suggested, now that i am on holiday for a week i'm aiming to reach the 350-400 sentence mark by the end of next week.

Also on the subject of the AJATT method i've also slowly been stepping it up a gear in this area also i usually have some Jdrama playing in the background while sentence mining or just at the laptop in general currently have "litre of tears" playing and have noticed i already pick up more words than i have noticed before which is great motivation.

Current Anki statistics.

The 185 seen cards in this deck contain:

  • 206 total unique kanji.
  • Jouyou: 201 of 1945 (10.3%).
  • Jinmeiyou: 1 of 287 (0.3%).
  • 4 non-jouyou kanji.

Jouyou levels:

  • Grade 1: 35 of 80 (43.8%).
  • Grade 2: 67 of 160 (41.9%).
  • Grade 3: 41 of 200 (20.5%).
  • Grade 4: 22 of 200 (11.0%).
  • Grade 5: 4 of 185 (2.2%).
  • Grade 6: 13 of 181 (7.2%).
  • JuniorHS: 19 of 939 (2.0%).

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