Finally after over 4 months of studying RTK with a few brakes in between i have completed all 2042 of the commonly used Kanji, i'd like to say a big thanks to the revTK community without that site's SRS and the community there i would probably never have finished, now i just need to keep up my daily reviews as i still get over 100 to review each and expect this to stay the same for a while yet.

Now its finally onto adding sentances and improving my AJATT environment over the comming weeks/months/years i'll be keeping a record of my progress with the sentances and how i feel my Japanese has improved over time.

Currently I'm only at the point were i pick up the odd word etc when reading/watching something but hopefully this will soon change.

Will post soon with more updates.

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Comments (5)

On 2008年12月19日 23:32 , Emilio Wuerges さんのコメント...

Yo, way to go man!
Let's show the world the power of RTK!

On 2008年12月24日 12:42 , Kerubin さんのコメント...


I am also just finishing RTK1. In fact I finish on xmas day. Happpppy xmas!

Good to see someone elase at pretty much at the same stage as me. Will pop back to see how you are getting on with sentences.


On 2008年12月24日 22:27 , Glowing Face Man さんのコメント...

Great work!!!

On 2008年12月26日 13:12 , Tibul さんのコメント...

Thanks for the commens all :)

On 2009年2月20日 2:46 , Steven さんのコメント...

I'm not seeing this until two months later, but congratulations just the same!

I don't know if I'll finish in four months as I'm considering Spanish my main target right now; but it gives me confidence I can do it by, if not before, the worse case target I've given myself (finishing by years end at the latest).