Not done one of these In a while so thought it was about time after hopefully a few worries that I had now out of the way I can get back to going full force on my Japanese and over the last few days have increased my pace 10 fold.

Finally completed all the sentences I mass imported from iknow core 6000 step 1 and have added a few more, also started working through iknow again as I still find that I retain information better when learned through iknow system.

To add to this I got a nice motivation boost by accident the other day I decided to have a look at my copy of Japanese from ZERO volume 1 which I used before I discovered the AJATT/sentence method of learning to my surprise I could understand almost everything in the book except a few words that I need to learn i.e. the horrid days of the month. I know its not a hugely difficult book but a few months ago when I last had a look many of the chapters had things I needed to learn and much more words to boot so to me it feels like a great achievement to see how far I've come.

It's looking back on old things that show you how far you have actually come otherwise you may never notice.

Anki Stats,

Deck created: 5.2 months ago
Total number of cards: 1484
Total number of facts: 1484

Card counts
Mature cards: 1050 (70.8%)
Young cards: 419 (28.2%)
Unseen cards: 15 (1.0%)

Correct answers
Mature cards: 93.8% 993 of 1059
Young cards: 87.0% 11205 of 12875
First-seen cards: 89.7% 1411 of 1573

The 1469 seen cards in this deck contain:
771 total unique kanji.
Jouyou: 744 of 1945 (38.3%).
Jinmeiyou: 5 of 287 (1.7%).
22 non-jouyou kanji.
Jouyou levels:
Grade 1: 71 of 80 (88.8%).
Grade 2: 143 of 160 (89.4%).
Grade 3: 147 of 200 (73.5%).
Grade 4: 114 of 200 (57.0%).
Grade 5: 78 of 185 (42.2%).
Grade 6: 65 of 181 (35.9%).
JuniorHS: 126 of 939 (13.4%).

Not much increase in the Jouyou but I'm guessing thats because of the re-use of Kanji in the core 6000 series.

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