Recently when I started to learn Hangul I noticed how easy learning another languages characters/alphabet actually is, now a few years ago this would have been a different story before all the meta skills that I've picked up along the way while learning Japanese.

In little over a week I've learned how to read and write 한굴 and this is with missing days here and there, but if it wasn't for Anki and the huge amounts of shapes/variations I've seen while studying Kanji/Kana I doubt that I would have done it so fast with a 100% retention.

This all comes down to meta skills basically smaller skills that you pick up along the way to learning the main skill that your after e.g. Japanese I've picked up how and what an SRS is which basically helps me never forget material and using mnemonics to remember characters, all skills that will potentially stay with me for a life time and will keep on helping me in the future.

Also the other side to it is that in the process of learning another language other languages become easier to learn this comes down to the fact that your brain becomes more used to handling the data that you feed it i.e. this and this make up the structure of a sentences or this this and this make up this shape which forms a Kanji, basically your training your mind to get good at language learning. Thus why a lot of people who know a second language from when there very young find it much easier to learn more languages, they've processed so much information giving there brain more ways to just 'click' with the information that its given.

To sum up if you have the opportunity to learn new skills then dive in learn all the processes along the way, learn all the techniques to mastering the target skill that your after, as you can guarantee one day you will be glad you did if nothing else it will make you a more rounded individual.

Another great article explaining meta skills can be found here


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On 2009年4月21日 15:12 , 匿名 さんのコメント...

no.... i think it's mostly b.c. hanguel is like one of the best writing system's ever. presonally, hanguel > english alphabet becuase it's so damn phoentic while english has crazy crap that does not match the pronounciation.

plus unlike japanese all the letters in the alphabet look pretty damn extinct as oppossed to like n & shi, etc.

hanguel rules, end of story.