Thought I would do a quick rundown of some language resources (mostly for Japanese) that have been useful to me and may be useful to you.

Reviewing the Kanji

Without this site I would probably have given up on learning Kanji a long time ago so i owe a lot to it, basically for those who don't know RevTK is an SRS (Spaced Repetition Software) for people who are using the Remembering the Kanji book and have learned some kanji but would like to not forget them what you need is an SRS like the one at RevTK or anki etc.

RevTK also has other great features such as the ability for users to share and make there own stories and a great forum to boot.


My Preferred SRS for learning and remembering sentences.

Previously known as iknow an excellent learning resource for those who have just finished learning the Kanji and are moving onto learning sentences etc I usually use this to first learn the sentence/word then move it over to Anki to keep in long term memory.

Great example sentences with audio and visuals to help you learn and also a great community of people sharing content.


Only signed up to this one recently but really like the idea basically you write in your Journal with the language you are trying to learn and other users correct any mistakes you make and you can do the same for others seems excellent for improving your "putting together your own sentence skills" :D

Read The Kanji

Recently had somebody twitter me this, I've only had a quick go and it seems like a good way to help learn the reading for Kanji and also has example sentences for each, you can even use it as an SRS system for learning the different vocab from the JLPT's

If anybody else has recommendation that you feel should be included in the list please feel free to comment.

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Comments (2)

On 2009年4月17日 4:31 , Burritolingus さんのコメント...

Wow, that Read the Kanji site is seriously awesome. It also reminded me of how badly I suck with counters still! Lots of example sentences sure sweetens the deal.

I've had a Lang-8 account for some time now, but I'm still not really comfortable enough to write anything of substance in Japanese... at least not without sounding like a caveman. When the time comes, though, I think it's going to be incredibly useful.

On 2009年4月17日 8:33 , Tibul さんのコメント...

I had exactly the same problem suck completely at counters/days of the month etc really need to work on those :D

I've done a few attempted journal entries on Lang-8 which were corrected by native Japanese speakers within seconds, I think even for us trying to do a few posts even if just one or two lines can be very helpful to improve our sense of how a sentence should be put together.