Noticed over at On How to Learn Japanese that there has recently been a sort of quiz over at revTK asking questions on how your faring with the AJATT method, so I thought I'd join in.

1. How many facts (production and recognition are only 1 fact) do you have in your SRS?

1534 seen facts, 0 unseen. All sentences and a few vocab, review RTK separately via revTK

2. What sentences have you and are you putting into your SRS?

Probably half from, some from various books e.g. UBJG, Japanese in MangaLand, some from various sources around the interweb

3. Do you do production (audio/hiragana to kanji) and/or recognition (kanji to meaning) or something else? Is there an order (eg production and then recognition)?

I do only recognition. Most of my cards are full Kanji bar the few expressions etc that are in hiragana only, in my answer field I have a quick translation, reading and audio if there is any

4. Do you use any kind of special techniques when you review an item with your SRS? eg. dictation, role playing etc.

Find it best to find multiple sentences using the word you'd like to learn helps a lot when learning difficult words also trying out the movie method recently

5. How many cards on average do you add to you deck per day? Or if life is getting in the way of this, once things settle down how many do you intend to add per day?

I think its around 8 a day not got anki with me at the moment will check later, I can add anywhere from 100 new sentences to 0 for weeks (I know not good)

6. How much exposure (immersion) to Japanese do get (or intend to get) on average each day or week? In what form?

Hard to say as it varies so much sometimes I get anywhere from 5-8 Hours other times I'm lucky if I get 1 hour going to try and change this soon so I'm at least getting 4-6 hours

7. Describe your level including any strengths and weaknesses.

I can usually understand something out of everything I read.
Although I do have trouble with a lot of text from news, stories etc can read beginner material pretty well now though e.g. example articles written for JLPT lvl3-4 I can pretty much read the most of.
I can understand anywhere from 30% to 5% when watching anime, Jorama etc

8. Are you satisfied with your progress and the techniques you are using?

Pretty satisfied, although I do believe I could have done much better if I stopped having so many brakes from adding new material and immersion.

9. Are you satisfied with your level?

Not at all.

10. How far do you want to go with Japanese?

Would like native like ability in reading, writing, speaking, and obviously understanding

11. How confident are you of getting there?

Extremely so

12. From when you started adding items to your SRS, aside from your process evolving bit by bit, are there any major things you would do again differently if you could?

Probably would try the Movie Method instead of RTK, try to add more of my sentences from real material and not pre-made ones which I still have an habit of collecting as they tend to be easier to add.

13. How long have you been studying?
almost a year with a few weeks of not adding new material in between, took 4 Months to complete RTK

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Comments (2)

On 2009年6月4日 13:24 , Emilio Wuerges さんのコメント...

The important thing is to achieve your final goal. We are gonna succeed because we will never give up.

On 2009年6月5日 9:28 , Tibul さんのコメント...

Very wise words :)