Well over the coming days I plan to do post some updates on my progress with my goals that I listed a while ago, to recap these were.

Learn Japanese
To keep improving my Japanese and hopefully step it up a gear.

Weight Training

To improve my overall physique to basically not look like a beanpole.

Healthy Body and Mind
Generally to improve the way I live and eat always believe you should look after yourself as you only get one body no point when your 50 starting to eat healthy because your obese and can barely move from all the crap you've eat and drunk over the years same goes for the mind.

One thing that I've always had trouble with is saving now that I realise I've gotta save if I ever plan to live my dream of going to Japan for a year to enjoy myself and job hunt.

Other goals I planned to set were to expand my reality in general experience as many different things as I could and to also network more in and out of my career.

- Body and Mind -
For the first post I'm going to do a quick rundown on my body and mind goal, overall this is going pretty well most days I've kept with the eating healthy at least having some fruit and veg everyday, although I have had a bad habit of taking trips to KFC and the local Chinese a few times a week as they tend to be more convenient and a quick way of getting my required calorie/protein intake to keep adding more body weight this needs to be pretty high especially as I tend to be pretty active with 3 weight sessions a week and lots of cardio in between.

I've also started to take much more care on the way I look for years I had the same set of clothes and would only buy new clothes when they were worn thin but now if I see something I like (or my wife does) I'll go out my way to buy it, caring about the way you look doesn't just help change what people think about you it also makes you feel better and more confident.

On the mind front I think this has improved from before I'm generally feeling much happier and have a huge renewed interest in my Japanese language studies, web development and technology in general. Everyday I get closer to my trip to Japan even if it is years away planning for it now helps stop my interest waning and keep me motivated and happy.

Next up Weight Lifting

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Comments (3)

On 2009年6月27日 18:27 , Glowing Face Man さんのコメント...

By the way, re: the going to Japan goal. Last I checked, airfare to Japan was ridiculously cheap. Like $700 for a *round trip*. That's less than half of what I paid last Summer.

On 2009年6月27日 18:34 , Tibul さんのコメント...

Yeah the flights don't seem to be too bad the majority of the money I need to save is for the year stay (rent, food etc) just in case I have issues finding a job.

Although I do have plans to have a short holiday of two weeks at some point before my year trip.

On 2009年6月28日 2:13 , Michael Flux さんのコメント...

Hmm yeah, living there for a year can be pretty damn expensive... Probably looking at 15,000 USD/year bare minimum for just the rent, in a relatively small apartment. - In Tokyo I mean. If in some other city, ie Nagoya, 15-20% cheaper...

But then you add food, commuting and so on, and you're probably looking at more like 25k for a full year.

Now on a more positive note, if you could get a job, then you could make such money pretty easily... its just that collecting it in a lump sum is a pain...

But either way, good luck, hope you'll make it to Japan very soon! :D