Had on and off problems with the sites theme randomly not loading, now I think this is sorted or at least it's not happened to me in a while can anybody confirm everything is loading ok?

Also noticed an issue with the posting a comments page loading slowly, think I may know the cause of this anybody else experiencing the same issue?

Now that I'm on the topic I have plans to change the theme in the near future to a 3 column theme as this one is starting to feel a little cluttered, I'm also in the process of brushing up on my XHTML and CSS skills so I do plan to completely overhaul the site at some point in the future.

EDIT: Sorted the slow loading pages looks like the script for the hit counter was playing up

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Comments (2)

On 2009年6月25日 19:03 , Glowing Face Man さんのコメント...

Seems to load fine for me. You're right that a 3-column site would be better since your articles tend to be a lot shorter than your right sidebar.

On 2009年6月25日 19:52 , Michael Flux さんのコメント...

I can confirm that it still doesn't load for me :p