I wasn't sure were to start naturaly like a lot of people I looked for starter guides around the net and considered a Japanese course after much frustration and still no idea the best way to start I eventualy came across alljapaneseallthetime.com which really appealled to me and made a lot of sense especially when you relate it to how you actually learned your native language.

So I started not exactly as suggested as I learned all the Kana first using Remembering The Kana which for me was a great motivational boost if i could learn these 100 or so characters i could learn any 6 days later I had finished. Then onto the Kanji 4 months later after some struggle with myself taking brakes and procrastinating I had completed Remembering the Kanji with this came a realization that Japanese was possible to learn and that I could do it all I needed was to stick with it.

Now onto the sentences I've been going at them for 3 months or so now and have noticed great gains in my Japanese ability so far I can understand many simple sentences I can usually understand something out of most things I read and listen too and have moments of understanding all the time, although I'm a little dissapointed in myself as I have taken many brakes and slowed down always kept up with my reviews but still been slack unlike over christmas I powered through 100s of sentences in only 2 weeks I intend to get this moment back once my workload starts to calm down.

I'm hoping to gain a good amount of fluency by next year and I'm sure this is possible If i can just keep up a good pace and improve my immersion environment more the main battle is with myself I can be a terrible procrastinator at time although I've improved at this a lot in the past few months. I also have many more goals and resolutions I'm going to improve / stick with over the year which I will talk about in a future article.

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