Ever notice how when you read a lot in your native language your spelling and grammar tend to improve and every time you make a mistake and correct it you less frequently make that mistake again you've basically told your subconscious mind that this is correct and how it should be even without actively trying. Most of the time you don't even need to actively find and correct your mistakes as they will correct themselves the more you see them written correctly in context.

Well the exact same thing will happen in the language your learning if your like me and sometimes misspell a word or miss pronounce it reading and speaking a lot will correct these little niggling issues even if you don't understand the word your mind will process this in the background on how it should look and feel another great advantage to the sentence method so when you do eventually learn the words meaning there will be much less chance of getting it wrong. So read / listen as much as you can even if you understand very little an article over at alljapaneseallthetime.com explains it in more detail.

Also make sure you crave criticism I know people tend not to like being criticised especially when they are learning something new but its often the only way to quickly correct your mistakes being told what your mistakes are even if its just a simple spelling mistake or miss pronunciation as long as its constructive it can only help so don't fear criticism crave it!

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On 2009年3月11日 12:32 , 匿名 さんのコメント...

I c wat u did thur. ;)

Very interesting topic, couldn't agree more actually, constructive criticism is the way to go, pointing out errors and advising on the correct method instead of just picking out peoples mistakes to put them down.

Expect an even keener eye and ear from me from now on then.