Well at the start of the year i set myself a few goals of achieving things or just improving myself in some way so were better to jot these down and see my progress over the year than on my blog so here go's.

Current set goals

1. Learn Japanese
This is probably my main goal for the foreseeable future something that I have now been doing since mid last year and wont stop until I'm fluent and my year trip to Japan in the not too distant future.

So far this is going strong once I have a few things sorted out I'll be powering this again like over Christmas.

2. Weight Training
Started this a few months ago and was making good gains increased how much I could lift and my body weight in a matter of months but after a shoulder injury this came to a halt but is now sorted so I'll be back on this with full throttle.

3. Healthy body and mind
This is allot down to changing my diet and go's hand in hand with the above I've never been the most healthiest eater but have been doing pretty good recently having 5 portions of fruit and veg a day at least 3 servings of fish each week (love fish) I feel much better after eating more healthy seem to have more energy and just better in general this seems to be having a positive effect on my Japanese study and weight training.

On the mind aspect I've been trying to think more positively although some things are going against this over the past week or so.

4. Savings
Something that I've been wanting to do for a while but always been held back by being in debt up to my eyeballs :) but recently have started saving ready for my year long stay in Japan.

Goals I plan to set

1. Expand my reality
You can read more about this on a great article over at glowingfaceman.com but basically the idea is to learn new things whether its a new language or how to make the perfect cup of tea lol you expand your reality by learning new things as until you actually know about them there not in your reality you become a much fuller strong person by learning new things.

2. Network More
Basically get to know more people whether its around the language learning community or work related expanding the network of people that you know gives you many more possibilities and potential opens up many more doors in your everyday life and career for reaching those long term goals.

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