Well thought its about time I did a stats update seen as its been a while been listening to a good amount of Japanese recently and adding trying to add as many sentences as I could even with such a busy last few weeks.

Not many new Kanji recently as have been adding a lot from Understanding Basic Japanese Grammer which lacks many new vocab.

Deck created: 3.8 months ago
Total number of cards: 1222

Card counts
Mature cards: 704 (57.61%)
Young cards: 498 (40.75%)
Unseen cards: 20 (1.64%)

Correct answers
Mature cards: 95.6% (391 of 409)
Young cards: 86.0% (8725 of 10143)
First-seen cards: 87.7% (1144 of 1304)

The 1222 seen cards in this deck contain:
767 total unique kanji.
Jouyou: 740 of 1945 (38.0%).
Jinmeiyou: 5 of 287 (1.7%).
22 non-jouyou kanji.

Jouyou levels:
Grade 1: 70 of 80 (87.5%).
Grade 2: 143 of 160 (89.4%).
Grade 3: 147 of 200 (73.5%).
Grade 4: 112 of 200 (56.0%).
Grade 5: 77 of 185 (41.6%).
Grade 6: 65 of 181 (35.9%).
JuniorHS: 126 of 939 (13.4%).

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Comments (2)

On 2009年3月24日 0:39 , Alyks さんのコメント...

I did a good bit of Understanding Basic Japanese Grammar. Is there a lot that's new to you in it?

Don't worry about the vocab. If you're going to do something like UBJG, the point isn't to increase your Japanese skills. It's a stepping stone to better things.

On 2009年3月24日 8:18 , Tibul さんのコメント...

I think because I've spent so much time adding sentences from iknow which has very simple grammar I find my understanding of a sentence is more limited than it should be so I thought it might be best to add lots of grammar orientated sentences?

Did you find that UBJG helped a lot or would you have preferred to have done something else to start with?