For the past couple of weeks or so I've been mostly concentrating on learning vocabulary and almost completely ignored actively learning grammar which has involved me mining many +1 materials with new vocab words this has lead to an obvious increase in my vocab knowledge which in turn i can understand more from shows and written works than i could a month or so ago.

Now a lot of people may say that oh well you can understand more vocab but do you actually know what it means when used in context well the answer the majority of the time is yes for one all my vocab has been learned in context and without any real effort. I've picked up a load of grammar without actively studying it in a long time for example the other day i had a quick look through Japanese In MangaLand and to my surprise i understood a lot of the grammar it was trying to explain and this was from later in the book that I've never read, more proof that you don't have to actively study the grammar to become fluent but I do agree that it can speed up the process although i wouldn't worry too much about it concentrate more on vocab in context.

Then when you have some spare time or fancy a change go find a good source for grammar I highly recommend Japanese in Mangaland for this as its easy to understand and the manga examples help lots especially for someone like me up untill a few months ago didn't even know the difference between an adjective and a verb in my own language :P

So to sum up don't worry too much about not knowing what the conjugation of this and that is or what the gerund form is you'll pick up a lot without even realising and if your thirst for knowledge increases and you want to know more 'then' go find some grammar explanations.

Anki stats update note: only issue with manually adding every sentences its taking forever to read 2000 lol really should have just imported all 2000 iknow sentences.

Deck created: 3.3 months ago
Total number of cards: 1115

Card counts
Mature cards: 560 (50.22%)
Young cards: 540 (48.43%)
Unseen cards: 15 (1.35%)

Correct answers
Mature cards: 96.4% (244 of 253)
Young cards: 85.4% (7691 of 9005)
First-seen cards: 86.7% (1042 of 1202)

The 1100 seen cards in this deck contain:

  • 748 total unique kanji.
  • Jouyou: 722 of 1945 (37.1%).
  • Jinmeiyou: 5 of 287 (1.7%).
  • 21 non-jouyou kanji.

Jouyou levels:

  • Grade 1: 69 of 80 (86.3%).
  • Grade 2: 143 of 160 (89.4%).
  • Grade 3: 146 of 200 (73.0%).
  • Grade 4: 109 of 200 (54.5%).
  • Grade 5: 74 of 185 (40.0%).
  • Grade 6: 62 of 181 (34.3%).
  • JuniorHS: 119 of 939 (12.7%).

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Comments (1)

On 2009年3月10日 2:04 , Dan さんのコメント...

Because has been down. I found some premade anki decks of all the iknow sentences with picture sound and everything. (See the RTK boards)

It was easy to import them, then play around with the template to get the results I wanted in anki.

I imported all of lesson 7 and I've managed to get through it in about 2 days. But at the moment I do have quiet a lot of free time :D

I'm sure I have lots of reviews today too! :o