Thought I would start a series of recommended JDrama's for those on the look out for something new to watch my first recommendation has to be the GTO live action it was one of the first JDrama I watched and still by far my favourite a great lead character who fills Onizuka's shoes almost perfectly and same for the supporting cast, some excellent scenes that make you laugh and cry not to mention the great music.

So overall an excellent watch oh... make sure to watch the movie too :D

link below for preview as embeding is disabled for it :(


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Comments (3)

On 2009年3月13日 20:43 , Glowing Face Man さんのコメント...

I loved the anime. Onizuka sensei is my role model!!

On 2009年3月13日 20:52 , Tibul さんのコメント...

I agree cant think of a better role model :)

On 2009年3月13日 20:54 , Alyks さんのコメント...

If I were a teacher, I'd want to be onizuka.