Recently I've been thinking back to before I really started learning Japanese to a time when I thought that to learn a language you needed to be really smart or have it forced down your throat from a young age and also that other huge myth that a large amount of people (maybe the majority) still believe that you need to live in the country of the target language to reach any sort of fluency which i now know to be completly false and so does a growing number of language learners just checkout some more of the blogs on my blog list for some good examples.

Why you 'DON'T' need to live in the country of your target language to be fluent you have so much more resources at your disposal these day if you think the advantage to another country is that you will be surrounded by people talking in L2 then just get some headphones and audio and have this playing in your ear its exactly the same if you think "oh well there is newspapers and tv etc" erm well you can find all these on the internet for free so in this day and age there is no excuse for the 'you have to be living in the country' tiss a complete myth.

The old teachers and classes myth another potential if not possible harmfull waste of time is taking a course in the language some people may argue that you need somebody to explain things to you or that they learn better when somebody is telling them directly what to do. The only issue is that half the time the teacher wants you to feel good about yourself so they will only teach you how to say things whether you can understand the response is another story also if your learning something like Japanese you probably wont even start learning the Kanji for atleast a year and even then only a few as there is a misconception that the Kanji are extremly difficulty which is false really if you want to obtain fluency you need to be learning the Kanji from day one I recommend like so many others that you get a hold of Remembering the Kanji by James W. Heisig and you can learn all the 2046 jouyou Kanji in a few months.

Also in a lot of cases people who take classes will tend to go slower at learning the language unless they learn a lot in there own time put it this way the person who self studys everyday of the week x amount of time will be much further ahead than somebody who only does 1-2 days a week of classes and for the people that say they learn better when somebody is telling them are you sure that its not just a motivational thing? As when in a class your forced to listen/learn but at home its easy to be distracted by the next show on TV unless you keep motivated

So really there is no excuse anymore for not learning a language you have a great interest in as long as your motivated don't get me wrong it will still take time but thats only down to how much time you can spend learning each day if you fit something from the language into your day to day life each and every day and still keep up your interest and thirst for more knowledge you will learn in no time. You have all the tools you need on the 'internet' get yourself an SRS (I use anki) so you never forget anything again and will speed up the process immensley even if you stop studying new things for weeks you won't forget anything you've learned so far as long as you keep up with your daily reps.

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On 2009年3月4日 17:38 , Glowing Face Man さんのコメント...

Have to live in the country? I went to Tokyo and more people wanted to talk to me in English than Japanese ;)